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The 2020-21 registration season for the Officiating Program has begun. All incomplete registrations must be completed by 12:00am (midnight), April 30 of the following year. USA Hockey officials registration is valid for the entire season in any district or state in the United States. Membership in a State or Local Officials Association is not required for USA Hockey officials registration.

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Each season all officials must complete the Open Book Playing Rules Exam.

Officials who do not receive the minimum score for the appropriate level, will be given access to a Re-take Exam and a new answer sheet. An official is only allowed one Re-take Exam per year. The Re-take Exam is available after a seven day waiting period (from submitting the first exam), and once available this re-take must be completed within 30 days. In the event that an official fails the exam twice, he/she will become completely registered at the highest level for which the re-take exam score would qualify (e.g., Level 1 =35/50 or 60/100; Level 2 =80/100; Level 3 =90/100; Level 4 =90/100).

Officials must register for the upcoming season before he/she can take the Open Book Exam

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Attendance at a sanctioned USA Hockey Officials Seminar is required for all applicants, regardless of level. This seminar will generally consist of both a classroom and ice-session, and must be conducted by USA Hockey trained instructors. At the seminar, every official and instructor in attendance must be sure to "sign in" on the official USA Hockey Seminar Attendance Form (unless they have pre-registered online). The Attendance Form will be returned to the National Office and attendance credited in each official's registration record.

Officials must register for the upcoming season before he/she can attend a seminar

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All officials must complete online education regardless of level or experience.

Online Education consists of a series of Course categories. All modules within the Pre-Required and Required categories must be completed. The remaining categories contain a menu of elective modules and an official must complete the required number of modules (e.g. 4 modules of 7 offered) within the category to complete the category. There will be a short quiz at the end of each module that the official must pass to complete the module and continue with education. If the official does not pass the quiz, the module will reset and the official must complete the module again.

Online Membership Registration must be completed for 24-hours before access to the Online Education System is granted.

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As part of USA Hockey's continued effort to create a safe playing environment for all participants, those officials who are 18 years of age or older (as of August 1 of the current registration season) are required to complete an online SafeSport Education Program every two seasons. The online program is free of charge.

You will need your current USA Hockey Membership Registration Confirmation Number (not your Officials Number) to complete training. Registration confirmation numbers can be obtained at the main USA Hockey Registration page.

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